Tribeca Homeopathy is an integrated clinic in homeopathy, alternative, and functional medicine with the goal to help people with digestive issues, allergies, immune system, skin diseases, hormonal & infertility, ADHD, autism, cancer and auto immune support. 

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What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is the practice of looking at patients from a holistic point of view. it does not replace traditional medicine, but rather enhances it when in conjunction with one another. Head to our blog for more info.


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Book an appointment with a homeopathic specialist in person, via Skype, face time or zoom. Tribeca Homeopathy's practice offers group rates for families, and operates out of New York City, Miami, and London.

“I had such an amazing experience with TH! She is so knowledgeable and caring, I feel very safe and understood every time I come in for a session!”