Autism, ADHD, + ADD

The number of children diagnosed with autism continues to rise nationally. To get special services in school, you must have a label for your child's diagnosis. However, diagnoses for developmental disorders are not as simple as getting a lab test with clear cut answers. Labels such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, sensory processing disorder, and learning disabilities are often applied to the same child (giving them labels and labels but not much developmental assistance). Developmental disorders are laid out on a spectrum, and the spectrum ranges from having a genius child to having a child with a speech delay or a learning disability. Every single child's condition is unique and treatment needs to be customized to meet your child's needs. 

At Tribeca Homeopathy, we aim to support the general health of each child to bring them back into balance. We focus less on labeling your child, and focus more on helping them improve the conditions of their day to day life to see overall improvement in their general quality of life.  

Methods we use and recommend in supporting Autistic Spectrum Disorder patients:

Gut Treatments: The treatment of the gut and bowel flora is very important. At Tribeca Homeopathy we use a combination of probiotics, nutrition, and homeopathic medicine to achieve optimal health.

Isopathy + Detox: Isopathic therapy may be used in the case of an autistic spectrum disorder condition. Isopathy consists in giving a person the substance that caused their illness back in homeopathic potency. During case taking it is very important for me to know details of pregnancy, birth and drugs used by mom (even dad) prior to pregnancy. If autistic children’s mother has had drugs in pregnancy or during birth process (no fault to mom as sometimes we have no choice and conventional drugs can be life saviors), at Tribeca Homeopathy we will detox out of the drug used by the mom during the pregnancy and/or birth; we will use various methods and remedies to detox emotionally and also reduce the toxicity in the tissues. The same approach is applied if mom reports a reaction to vaccine.

Dietary Changes: In some autistic children Tribeca Homeopathy will put them also on a wheat and/or dairy free diet. Autistic children should follow a minimally toxic diet—avoid packaged foods, avoid MSG, color additives, GMOs, preservatives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and other waste products. Give your child enough pure water (without copper or other toxins). Avoid use of microwaves and plastic containers.

*Supplements: A balance and adapted nutritional intake also needs to be evaluated when managing an autistic spectrum disorder. Deficiencies may have negative impacts on the overall health of patients. While each patient has specific needs, supplements commonly prescribed in the case of autistic spectrum disorder focus on supporting the brain and the gut, such as: vitamin c, fish oils (e.g. EPA, DHA, Omegas), zinc, and probiotics. *Note for dosage contact a qualified practitioner

CEASE: Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression (CEASE). The process involves going through each causative factor one by one, such as; vaccines, regular medication, environmental toxic exposures, effects of illness, and overall detoxification. 

Controlled Consumption of Antibiotics: The society we live in over-consumes antibiotics. Excessive consumption of antibiotics may weaken the immune system and affect the natural abilities of the body to defend and regulate itself. A careful and controlled use of antibiotics is recommended to limit adverse effects such as impairment of the intestinal flora, which in turns could increase the underlying problems.

Animal Therapy: Children with autistic spectrum disorder may experience some benefits working with animals, especially horse riding.

Trauma + Shock Remedies: All patients with autistic spectrum disorder are stuck in a state of shock. Trauma damages the base chakra (this is true for all of my cases when there has been history of trauma). Signs of shock/trauma include: disconnectedness, imbalance in the endocrine system, poor sleep pattern, poor eating habits, erratic moods or blood sugar, anxieties, fears, over sensitivity to external stimuli, OCD, inability to react to emotions, easily feeling overwhelmed, fear of change, fear of being out of control, and more. Sometimes side effect of conventional drugs may also create a shock to our system (for instance extreme anxieties following antibiotics, due to gut brain connection).

Intense Therapy: Complementary use of some therapies also provides additional benefits in the case of autistic spectrum disorder. ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and SonRise therapies may be considered.



TH focuses on bringing children back into balance. My son is doing great now at school and socially.

One of my son was being pushed by his school teachers and doctors to put him on ADHD medication. We worked with TH to help him focus his energy overall. She took him off cheese, chocolate, orange, sugary foods, + artificial colors and sweeteners, and worked on healing his gut with homeopathic medicine and probiotics to remedy his ADHD symptoms. I also loved how Maria always emphasized and reassured that kids—especially boys—need to be active. If we load them sugar and can't keep them active in small tiny apartments, we can't label them as ADHD. My son is doing great now at school and socially.”

— Catherine


I have two sons with autism—four to six months into the treatment, I saw dramatic changes in my sons' social skills, developments, milestones and behaviors. Our lives are 60-70% better."

— Andre