Member’s Area

After your initial consultation, you will become a patient into our practice and considered a member of Tribeca Homeopathy.  As such you will have access to Tribeca Homeopathy Training Center (THTC).

The aim of THTC is to educate you to become healthier, to learn more about homeopathy and how to use it at home for self prescribing for yourself or family during acutes.  For chronic illnesses, it is always recommended to work closely with your homeopath.   As a member you will also have access to a unique boutique of homeopathic remedies.

Members also have the option to participate in our detox and cleansing programs through homeopathy.


Tribeca Homeopathy Training Center (THTC): Online and live training sessions programs (members only).

Detox and cleansing : Detox and cleansing programs using homeopathy and various nutritional methods

Homeopathy Store: Unique boutique including homeopathy remedies imported from Europe – coming soon.

Tribeca Homeopathy Tel: (646) 478-8534 Email: