Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Homeopathy can be used as a safe treatment to deal with infertility.  It can be used as a gentle way throughout your pregnancy to help you deal with both physical and emotional symptoms.   Homeopathy can also accelerate the healing and recovery process during natural or c-section births.

Common examples where homeopathy is used for pregnancy and after birth are: Post par tum depression, mastitis, healing before and after a surgery or tear, emotional issues such as anxiety or shock and much more.


Breastfeeding: Although there are many factors that contribute to healthy and enough milk supply for breastfeeding moms (such as resting enough, not being stressed, eating enough and balanced), homeopathy can be an additional support to help breastfeeding moms boost their milk production and potentially save it from drying up.   While breastfeeding, it is important to take the following supplements:

  • A good pre-natal supplement to insure adequate vitamins and minerals for the baby and mom
  • DHA oil as unlike bottle fed babies, breast-milk can be short in DHA fatty acids especially if mother is not taking enough; therefore it is important to supplement on a regular basis (we recommend Nordic Naturals Brand)
  • 65 grams of protein or more depending on how active you are.  If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can add protein powder to your smoothies for extra protein (use rice, pea or whey protein).   If you don’t eat enough protein, your baby and yourself will be at risk of becoming protein deficient.
  • Plenty of juices, especially green juices and well as plenty of raw fruits and vegetable
  • Take vitamin D regularly
  • Increase intake of Omega 3 and 6 oils. We recommend body bio oil (4:1 ratio), hemp oil (3:1) or UDO oil
  • Include healthy carbohydrates (not processed): e.g., quinoa, long brown rice, millet, whole oats.

Check out our recipe section for healthy cooking and snacking under Members Area.

In summary, if you are following a balanced diet  (healthy carbs, proteins, omega oil, vegetables and raw fruits) and if you are resting enough and eating healthy you should not have any problems with milk supply.  Sometimes, pumping can also help increase your breast-milk supply. If you still feel you are short, homeopathy can help increase milk production.  Contact us to request an appointment.



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