Detox & Cleansing

At Tribeca Homeopathy we work very closely with various medical doctors, osteopathic and dermatologist doctors.  While homeopathic treatment is the cornerstone of Tribeca Homeopathy and effective enough in supporting the body to heal and deal with its imbalances, we like to incorporate many additional supporting treatments such as nutrition.

In certain cases while following treatments in homeopathy, it is recommended to follow certain diet specifically designed to fit your needs and health issues.  This could be short term or long term and is not mandatory to follow but could potentially speed up the recovering process.  We also offer various detox programs through homeopathy and nutrition for your symptoms, always uniquely designed to fit your unique picture.

Nutritional and lifestyle factors contribute to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome X, and infertility. One example of such methods used at Tribeca Homeopathy by our nutritionists is “Nutritional Therapy” which promotes good health and well being by reasonable changes in your diet.  It takes into account your lifestyle, hours of work, stress and environmental pollution.




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