Babies & Toddlers

At Tribeca Homeopathy we treat a person and a child constitutionally to help increase their immune system for various chronic illnesses.  Acutes illnesses  are nearly always avoidable, or more easily handled once someone is on a good constitutional, hence we do not treat acutes, unless one is already in our practice.

Common examples of complaints and illnesses for babies and toodlers are:

Babies: Symptoms of colic, teething, sleep problems, fevers, infections, poor immunity, eczema, slow achievements of milestones, common childhood diseases, vaccination issues, allergies, molluscum, warts, verrucas.


Toddlers and children: Symptoms of ear/nose/throat infections, common childhood diseases, poor immunity, eczema, asthma, hayfever, allergies, molluscum, verrucas, abdominal pain, nightmares, anxiety, learning difficulties, attention deficit, autism.

Adolescents: Symptoms of acne, headaches, hormonal imbalances, female problems, male development, confidence issues, stress and anxiety, glandular fever, ME, eating disorders.

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