Gene Test for Men, Women, Children and the Elderly

June 6, 2017

A simple cheek swab available at Tribeca Homeopathy to analyze 55 Genes












This gene test is recommended for individuals who have issues listed below.

o For complex health problems of the immune, neurological and cardiovascular system

o For refractory patients who are not responding to traditional treatment regimens

o For patients with a family history of significant disease states

o For severe problems with gut health, inflammation or pain syndromes

o For patients with chronic fatigue, weakness, cognitive issues and anxiety/depression

o For children with vaccine risk assessment, autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, ADD and inattentiveness

o The additional “Health Precautions” category

o Advanced algorithms for nutritional and lab recommendations

Why Do Patients Need Gene Testing?

Genetic variants are more common than we realize:

More than 75% of all patients have significant genetic weaknesses (SNPs) in the most important nutritional metabolism pathways.
Millions of patients expend their valuable income on nutritional supplements without knowledge or scientific proof of nutritional need or benefit.
Without genetic validation of enzyme function, many supplements are not effectively delivered at the cellular level, therefore, the patient can be wasting time and money with nutritional ingredients that have little to no benefit.

How is this test performed?

A simple cheek swab is all that is needed. No excessive amounts of saliva or blood is necessary. The inside of the cheek provides ample amount of DNA cells for a complete genetic analysis.

Test Results:
Once your test results are received by Tribeca Homeopathy, we will contact you to go over test result. The test results are received within 10 business days once the lab has received your specimen. We will then be able to recommend relevant supplements on the top of your homeopathic treatments. 








Joint Pains: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Gouts

May 21, 2017

None of the information is meant to diagnose. Please read disclaimer.

There are two forms of joint pains, acute flair ups or chronic pains for joints.

Acute Flair ups can be due to:

  1. High fevers can result into joint flair ups and joint pains.  Fever often means you have an infection, therefore you can get swelling of the joints and I’ll be looking at acute remedies to treat both the fever and joint pains;

  2. Sometimes it can be the result of Gonorrhea;
  3. Gouts can lead to acute flair ups but it can also be chronic;
  4. Traumas: Our joints flair up when we go through traumas (accidents, injuries or mental/emotional/stress related traumas).

However, the most common condition I see in my practice is chronic joint pains and would like to share with you how I view and support it.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

I view rheumatoid arthritis condition more of an auto immune disease.  My understanding is the person is accumulating toxins in the joints.  Accumulation of toxins can come from various sources such as calcium deposits, by-products of chemicals that the body can’t break down, side effects of drugs or ill effects of drugs.  There is an accumulation of rubbish, deposits and toxins within the joints: shoulder joints, finger joints, knees and elbows.   When you get a lot of toxicity in the joints (and in the muscles as well), your body starts to stop recognizing the joints or the area surrounding it as it is, i.e., the joint.  As a consequence, the body sends in all the immune system to attack the joints as it doesn’t recognize it as a normal body part.  It sends all the white blood cells to clear out the toxins and when white blood cells go into the areas of hands or the knees what you get is a battle station or body war: Inflammation.  Therefore, you get hot swollen puffy areas, as the body is attacking its own parts.  You can also see discoloration of the skin around the joints.   The most common drugs used in conventional medicine is steroids.  The limitation of such action is that steroids only suppress the symptoms.  Massive quantities of steroids are injected to stop the inflammation but it is not what the body wants to do, and consequently it results in the suppression of body’s own action. When it is moved beyond RA, then conventional medicine prescribes immuno suppressant (i.e., suppress the entire immune system) as the steroids no longer work and are no longer stopping the Rheumatoid Arthritis).

Etiology of RA:

  1. Genes: In all of my RA cases, the genes run through the family so your genetic disposition plays a role;
  2. Trauma can trigger RA.  RA has to do with immune system and immune system is affected by traumas.  This could be physical injury related trauma or emotional/stress related trauma (e.g. spouse cheating nonstop, horrible divorce court battle then suddenly RA that was waiting is awakened).   The emotional triggers are very common but sometimes it can be related to an injury or accident;
  3. Overuse of joints. If you are going to the gym non stop exercising every single day for hours and, running daily for hours, you will overuse your joints. Sooner or later you will start to have problems with joints;
  4. Diet;
  5. Drugs/medications;
  6. Stress;

My way of treating RA, and this is true for all conditions I work with my patients, is to try to resolve the problem.  In RA cases, the body is attacking itself so I always start with my protocol to send a message to the body to teach the immune system to stop attacking itself.  In addition,  I may have a layered approach if I see there is some emotional trauma underneath linked to RA, in parallel, I will treat the emotions: The shocks or traumas (is it anger? is it guilt? is it feeling abandonment because someone you loved passed away? is it fears etc.).  Supporting RA cases takes a long time especially when there has been an history of steroid injections.

Steroid injections don’t resolve the actual problem and the body will carry on attacking itself.   Steroids that are externally injected confuses the immune system and eventually the immune system breaks down. Do not stop taking medications prescribe by your doctor.  Homeopathy does not interfere with conventional treatment, therefore in parallel you can start the process in parallel.


I don’t see osteoarthritis as an auto immune condition. It is, however, a big cause of joint pain, and is very common in my practice.  Often it is due to wear and tear, drying up of the synovial fluid in the joints, joint degeneration, cartilage worn away, exposed bones, synovial membrane eroded.  Symptoms in patients is often swelling and puffiness in the joints but also deformities  and you get really swollen joints, contraction and tightening up.   After a very long time, once it’s deformed, you can’t really bring it back not even with homeopathic medicine. One of my favorite remedies for treating osteoarthritis is Calc Carb: hard working people, responsible, carry the burden of the world on their shoulders, could be stayed home moms, house wife, hard working worker, people that do a lot of bending and eventually they have calcium deposits around the joints. The more calcium deposits, the more and more the joints get hard and swollen. They can’t move and eventually they tighten up.  Calc Carb old ladies or men are the ones who are bent over and crunched up.  They get swollen joints, especially knees back pains and scoliosis.   The healing process of osteoarthritis is also very long, usually 2 years but after a year they start to loosen up.

Finally Gouts:

Gouts is a problem with the kidneys.  Uric acid builds up because kidneys are not functioning and then uric acid gets deposited mainly in the soles of the feet and in hands.  So, you get buildup of uric acid crystals.  Most of the time, it can be cured or controlled if not cured by diet and homeopathic medicine.

Important: Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor. Please read disclaimer.

Tribeca Homeopathy Treatments for Eczema

May 21, 2017

Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin that is very common in my practice. It is often itchy and uncomfortable to the patient. Those with bad eczema can even get infections from scratching (due to dirt under the nail). Unfortunately, there is not much conventional doctors can do as they tend to prescribe steroids for most cases which doesn’t cure it.


Occasionally dermatologists may prescribe modulating creams in bad cases of eczema but that is their only back up.

Some facts about Steroids:

  1. Steroids have side effects
  2. Steroids only suppresses the condition and doesn’t cure it
  3. Steroids make the skin thinner
  4. Steroids can cause a lot of pigments on the skin
  5. Patients who have been on steroids for a long time when they stop using their creams, they will get a rebound of eczema which is even harder to control

Therefore, Eczema is a difficult condition to treat especially adult eczema where there has been a lot of suppression through use of steroids creams for years. What is difficult in eczema cases is to get the management of the case right and by that I mean managing the expectations of the patient and managing my own expectations as I want my patients to heal fast, my patients want to heal fast the problem is, healing takes time.   My treatments focus on stimulating your own inner forces to heal as the body has the ability to heal.  But, healing is a process and you cannot by pass that process. Even though I see a lot of miracles in my practice, I always have to remind my patients (and myself) about the fact that healing takes time.

I have done a lot of research about cure for eczema and homeopathy is quite effective in treating Eczema.  Chinese medicine in my experience helps but does not last and eczema comes back. The herbs themselves are very expensive. Herbs can be made of insects, animals and plants so they taste strange.  They can help but I tend to find they don’t have a lasting shift and patients often drop out of herbal medicine.

Now the question is, how long will it take to treat eczema with homeopathy? Nothing is ever 100 percent guaranteed but for the most part in adult cases, it takes longer. If someone comes to me with bad eczema and has been using steroids for years first I give my patients an expectation.  I might say you have chronic eczema, you have used steroids for years, it is going to take time. It can get better and homeopathy can make a difference but not with one session.  This is actually true for all my cases but particularly managing my patients expectations in eczema is challenging.  In some cases it may take 2 years when there is a lot of suppression but that doesn’t mean they won’t see improvement after each session, they will, but to get rid of it completely, you have to be committed to the process as healing takes time, otherwise it is not healing. There is nothing I can do to bypass the healing process.

For children it can take between 6 months to a year again depending on the case (individuals are unique, our genes are unique, there is no formula that fits everyone) but once again, they will get better after each session and parents will start to see lots of positive changes.  Sometimes in some of my children cases or infantile eczema cases I can see the treatments work after only 2 sessions.

Some impatient moms ask me for few tips how to sooth the itching part of their babies’ eczema and there isn’t a lot to stop the itching. Best is to go through the healing process with homeopathic medicine so that it can be stopped for good.  However, here are some suggestions on top of their constitutional remedies:

  • For baby baths, use Oregon grape, can slightly help with the itch.
  • Oatmeal baths very soothing. Oatmeal naturally has soap substance and cleansing properties. I recommend not using soap when you use oatmeal baths
  • Wearing cotton next to the skin
  • Cutting finger nails as low as you can

Taking a good probiotics and limiting cow dairy is also very important in treatments of eczema.

Important, please read disclaimer. Do not stop taking medications or steroids prescribed by your doctor unless advised by your doctor.

Gut: a vital part for our health

March 8, 2017

Getting the gut right is important, not only for autism, ADHD, chronic fatigue, behavioral problems, but also for general physical problems such as skin diseases (eczema & psoriasis), allergies, sinusitis, arteritis, rheumatism, chronic constipation, chronic fatigue, Crohn’s, IBS, auto immune diseases and candidiasis or any conditions caused by some sort of inflammation.  All these conditions are associated somehow with some level of gut issues.

In Chinese medicine, the gut is the separator of the pure from the impure.  When we have a healthy gut, it helps us emotionally to separate the information we need to keep and use and throw out the information we don’t need.  This is also true for the food we eat and need for our physiological functioning & food that is ready to be disposed of.  When the gut is not functioning properly the condition is called leaky gut, meaning toxins are now leaking into our system.

The gut is our main organ of elimination. There are very few diseases in the human body that can’t be helped by getting the gut right.  Patients who need gut related homeopathic remedies are often physically tensed.  This tension can be both in the body and mind. When our gut permeability becomes compromised due to toxicity in our gut, things that are undesirable may pass through the gut barrier causing chronic fatigue, skin diseases, autoimmune, and candidiasis.  Therefore, it is hugely important for many physical problems to treat the gut.

Our body is mostly made by bacterias, most of them reside in the gut.  Bacteria in the gut are collectively known as microbiome and affect not only the gut but also the mind.  Over number of years we see numerous research gaining ground and there is evidence that gut can influence neurodevelopment, pain management, as well as our emotional behavior and how the stress system responds.  For instance, if our gut is out of balanced, it can create anxieties and behavioral problems.  There has been a lot of research showing on how certain antibiotics resistant gut bacteria may interfere with brain development and function of the brain.

Everyone knows the expression of “butterfly in the stomach”.  The sensation of butterfly in the stomach is because of our gut-brain connection, basically a network of neurons is lining our guts, so extensively that some people refer to the gut as the second brain.

Gut as our second brain:

The second brain shares many features with the first brain: It is made of various types of neurons with supporting cells; it has its own version of blood brain barrier and produces wide range of hormones; it has 40 different neurotransmitters (same class as first brain); and the neurons in the gut produce as much dopamine as the brain. Finally, 95 percent of the serotonin in our body at any time is found in the enteric nervous system. We can see a lot going on in our gut that may influence our mood.

Chronic diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, and auto-immune disease: 

80 percent of our immunity is mediated through our bowels and gut. Many chronic diseases come from lowered immunity and auto immune problems where our body is not recognizing our own tissue.  In the gut, we have very important collections of lymph nodes called Peyer’s patches, which are the first line of our immunity (our defense to the outside world, to bacteria and foods that are poisonous to us). When our gut is not working properly, our immunity can be compromised. When our immunity is compromised our body’s defense mechanism against everything from acute problems to chronic disease is compromised.  Homeopathy can provide a strong support to get the gut right: It can improve the function of the Peyer’s patches and our gut immunity, which spreads out to our immunity in general and helps us deal with chronic, rheumatism, arthritis and auto-immune diseases.

Asthma, Allergies and Skin diseases (eczema and psoriasis):

In skin diseases, the gut is disturbed and possibly the lungs.  Whenever patients have skin and lung problems, it gives an alert that the gut may be affected.

Chinese medicine connects the lungs to the bowel and the skin – these three organs all work together.  When one of these organs is affected with a disease, another one may become compromised.  The skin can be viewed as an organ and carry the role of respiration and elimination.  When we suppress problems on the skin with medications, steroid and cortisone creams, we may end up with problems in the lungs.

For instance, considering eczema in children: The use of steroids suppresses the condition, but this may later result in the development of asthma, or hay fever.  When we suppress the skin, we push the disease deeper into the body often into the lungs, asthma being the result.

This is not just true for eczema, it is equally true for psoriasis, acne, and other skin diseases.

In treatments of allergies and skin conditions, it is very important to focus on treating the gut.  When our bowels become toxic, many chemicals build up.  When our gut becomes toxic, many toxic chemicals build up in our gut (commonest chemicals, indole and skatoles which give the stool an odour).

Another common chemical that can build in a toxic gut is histamine which we all know the role it plays in allergies.

By working at getting the gut right and clearing toxicity from the gut and getting the gut healthier using homeopathic medicine and diet, the skin gets better and clearer and our bodies can be healthier in terms of our allergies.  Allergies are responsible for many problems, from asthma to hay fever to many skin problems, and in particular eczema.

Important: Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor.  Please read disclaimer.

Psychology of Cancer

January 5, 2017

This newsletter discusses the psychology of cancer.

None of this information is meant to diagnose a disease or cancer. Please read disclaimer.

According to Medical News today, in the US, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop cancer in their lifetime.

We are passing on more cancer genes to the new generations so more and more people will develop cancer in the future. Cancer can be either the result of a suppressed or depleted immune system (see previous newsletter on signs of cancer) or suppressed emotions, which can lead to cancer type personality by which you can increase the risk of developing cancer.  Why some people who may appear to have healthy lifestyles and don’t necessarily have strong cancer genes, may yet develop cancer?  When it comes to cancer, the world is not black and white, there is whole host of things that can contribute to it. We also see exceptions to every case. For instance, why someone who smokes cigarette all his life, does not get lung cancer and lives a long and happy life versus someone who never smoked a single cigarette gets lung cancer? Therefore, in this month’s newsletter I want to focus on psychology of cancer.

Psychology of cancer patients:  Cancer is about not having fulfilled yourself and feeling trapped. For instance, I wanted to be a musician but I am an accountant, I wanted to be a movie star but I am a software developer.  Something is trapped in you and you need to express it, it is part of who you intrinsically are and, if it doesn’t get out, it may increase your susceptibility to risk of cancer.   If you lose your identity, who you are, just like a cancer cell that loses its identity, your risk of developing cancer may increase.

Cancer patients are the last people you want to die. In general, they are kind, lovely and generous.  They are looking out for everybody but themselves.  They find it impossible to say no to something they don’t want to do and they are shy to say how they feel about anything negative. As their homeopath, I help them express and release the emotions they are holding.  If they want to say no, help them say no and honor their own words. I always tell my cancer patients that they need to look after themselves first and stop worrying about everybody else. Sometimes some of my cancer patients can appear bitter because something went wrong in their lives but underneath they are beautiful, sensitive and caring.

Cancer is like a mask:  Cancer is like a hidden mask you want to hide behind it.  When I talk to my cancer patients, I often discover the subjects they don’t want to talk about lies the secret to the correct homeopathic remedy. Like a mask, cancer is hidden emotions that is locked inside you, you haven’t dared expressed them in any way to anyone.  Cancer is so deceitful, patients get deceived by it (unless they are well connected to their emotions).

Trauma and Grief: Understanding trauma and grief is very important part of my practice as cancer may be induced by trauma and grief.  Our body cells hold on to trauma and grief.  Some examples of traumatic events are: Death of a child, death of a parent, loss of a loved one, surgeries, injuries (sports or accidents), abuse (verbal, physical or sexual), marriage loss, loss of job, loss of status, loss of passion, house change, country migration, divorce, history of adoption (deep feeling of not being loved)… For instance, often, in many of my breast cancer cases, there is either marital distress (unhappy or sad marriage) and/or history of not being loved by mother while growing up.  Another example of how cancer is predisposed by trauma: A couple know their marriage is not successful but they don’t do anything about it or don’t talk about it (suppressed emotions for many years).  They’ve gone for a long time without talking about it and keeping it in a box and then suddenly, one day they have a huge argument that sets cancer off — cancer was there but waiting.  Our body cells hold on to suppressed emotions and with the correct homeopathic medicine these emotions may be released from the cells.

A big part of my role as a homeopath in treating cancer patients is not only to support with unique homeopathic constitutional remedies and specific treatments while going through conventional treatment in parallel to oncologist, but also to help my patients (cancer or no cancer) get back in touch with who you are.  If you lost your identity like a cancer cell that loses its identity, help you find it and strengthen you on all levels: Body, mind, and emotions.

Don’t wait for cancer to start taking care of yourself.  Start now by making good lifestyle choices: Exercise, eating healthy, managing your stress, meditation and regular homeopathy treatments can help you stay balanced as a whole.  As a result, it may either keep cancer away or slow down cancer progress.

Important: Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor.  Please read disclaimer.


Homeopathy to Support Patients with Cancer

December 3, 2016


This newsletter discusses homeopathy for cancer patients and how homeopathy supports cancer patients alongside conventional treatment. Important: Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor.    None of this information is meant to diagnose.  Please read disclaimer.

Homeopathy can help patients before and after cancer is diagnosed; more specifically causes of cancer are multiple and far from being completely known.  However, various causes can lead and trigger the expression of cancer. It can be a sudden shock (physical, mental or emotional) or a longer causal process (which for instance reduces natural balance and immunity of the body) or even a combination of both.

Homeopathy can help you cope with various building block that you are facing in your life (for instance, becoming sick that will lead to a chronic state which can then reduce immunity).


Once you are diagnosed with cancer homeopathy can help support with:

  • Conventional Treatment – homeopathy does not interfere with conventional treatment
    • Surgery (see previous newsletter) – pre and post recovery.
    • Chemo and Radio therapy: Homeopathy can help reduce and minimize side effects of these treatments. As an example, during chemo therapy our blood’s counts drop, with correct homeopathic remedies, it is possible to increase blood cell counts during chemo therapy.
    • Removes Pain. In cases when cancer is advancing, for example, a breast cancer patient that presents with epilepsy often indicates cancer is now gone to the brain, commonly and unfortunately this is a hard one to treat as I’ll be doing more palliative care and it occurs during last few months before they die. Usually those last months are absolute hell, the patient is in a lot of pain, has no appetite, loses a lot of weight and there a few wonderful homeopathic remedies that work like miracles removing the pain (like no other medication), making the last few months nicer.
  • The mental and emotional aspect for you and your family of going through cancer: Fears, fear of death, fear of leaving loved ones behind, etc. Homeopathy reduces these fears, helping you feel calmer and grounded
  • When cancer is in not in its advanced phase, homeopathy may help (depending on the background of the case and type of cancer) either arrest cancer, prevent it from progressing, slow it down, prevent it to move to another place and in some cases reverse cancer
  • Homeopathy reduces our individual susceptibilities towards cancer

Signs to pay attention to (please note these are my own views):

  • Any abnormal bleeding should alert you: bleeding on intercourse, in urine, stools. Excessive bleeding in gums or mouth
  • Mercury
  • lymph gland swollen and it has been there for a long time persistently please have it checked
  • Shortness of breath
  • Bones breaking
  • Another warning of cancer is night sweats. Sometimes when I treat my cancer patients while they go through conventional treatment (e.g. chemo) and I’m trying to get cancer under control with homeopathic medicine, if they report they are having night sweats I know cancer is getting a hold and I have to adjust my potencies and remedies
  • Change in bowel habit
  • Fatigue and confusion
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Problems swallowing
  • Change in skin and moles (check with your dermatologist).
  • Persistent cough and hoarseness
  • Loss of weight and loss of appetite (massive indicator): With my cancer patients, as long as they have appetite I know they are doing ok but when their appetite starts to go away I know I am losing my patient.
  • Pyrexia (fever) in children for too long
  • Children: Please don’t ignore them. Because we don’t expect children to get cancer, childhood cancers are often the most advanced cancer, it has gone to its most advanced phase before it has been recognized and by the time parents bring them to me and their oncologist, there is no time.
  • As a side note: One of the most common places for cancer to go to is secondary burns, especially into the back and neck. For instance, if someone has had a history of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer or bowel cancer and suddenly they start getting backache, then that is a sign that cancer has gone to the bone.
  • Regular bouts of pneumonia, 2 – 3 pneumonia is a precursor of warning that your body and immune system is in depleted state
  • History of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s both commonly lead to cancer
  • Hard core hormonal drugs: Birth control Pill, HRT, IVF – although this has not been proven, many female cancer patients I have seen have had some form of artificial estrogen in their medical history. This also includes strong estrogen creams prescribed for vaginal dryness
  • Exposure to lots of chemical paint
  • Smoking and cigarettes
  • Radiations
  • Genes and heredity disposition plays an important role: If someone in your family from either side has had cancer you may be more susceptible to having cancer.
  • Understanding trauma and grief is a huge part of my practice as cancer is induced by trauma and grief of any form: loss of loved one, traumatic events (abuse, injuries, witnessing trauma), grief of loss of status (e.g. becoming menopausal, losing job, change of country,  etc).

Cancer can be a result of compromised immunity (due to genetic disposition) or the result of suppressed emotions (grief, trauma and/or shock).  I am going to focus on the mental/emotional aspects of cancer in next month’s newsletter.  My role in supporting my cancer patients is to understand everything about the person and the factors that may contribute to his/her cancer.  It might be a whole host of things, like building blocks. A common pattern I see in my practice with female breast cancer: 1) Patient did not feel loved by mother 2) lives on sugar and processed food 3) hates her husband 4) history of too many IVF or years of Pill 5) radiations 6) genes and hereditary factor (history of cancer in family).  Each is important for me to understand so I can help my patient: Get off sugar and start having a healthy diet, treat the emotions using homeopathic medicine, help change life style, and reduce individual susceptibilities using homeopathic medicine (genetic disposition) – these are beneficial remedies.  This does not mean someone who has IVF or has been on the pill will necessary have cancer but if the person is feeling not happy in a marriage and has grief /trauma (e.g., grief of being menopausal or loss of a loved one), is living on sugar, not exercising, has cancer genes (from either side of the family), then the likely hood of developing cancer is high.

Some general life style changes recommended for cancer prevention:

  • Limit coffee. Too much coffee is linked to stomach cancer
  • Eat alkaline food (lots of green, veggies & green juices).  Acidic diet, too much sugar, processed food and meat on daily basis will help cancer grow.
  • Manage stress by exercising, mediation or yoga.
  • Stop smoking
  • Manage gut flora by taking probiotics, eating fermented vegetables and drinking kefir.

Stay tuned, in next month’s newsletter, I’ll explore in more details psychology of cancer and the cancer personality (which is different from cancer that is compromised due to low immune system).


Important: Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor.  Please read disclaimer.

Homeopathy for Flu – from prevention to treatment

October 30, 2016








Start by taking influenzinum 9 c once per for four weeks and monthly after that. If you take Influenzinum 30 c, only take once per month until flu season is over.

Oscillococcinum is also used for prevention of flu or at first sign of getting sick or if in contact with someone who has the flu.   In other words when you feel you are getting ill but don’t have clear symptoms, you can take this remedy (before you know it’s a flu).  Take two or three doses 4- 8 hours apart.

Aconite and Ferrum Phos are great remedies to take at the very first sign of flu when no clear symptoms.  Aconite is very sudden so think of this remedy if you feel suddenly you are coming down.

Additionally, please follow these recommendations: How to boost your immune system.

Flu Remedies:

If you do come down with the flu and start to develop symptoms, match your symptoms to one of the following remedies – take every 3 hours and as symptoms improve reduce intervals.  Sometimes symptoms can change which means you also need to change the remedy. If you choose a remedy and it is not helping it is because you have not chosen the right remedy. Contact us for support.

ARS Album: Anxious, irritable, chilly, Profuse and acrid discharges from eyes and noise, thirsty but sips, feels cold and better for warmth (except headache).

Bryonia: Symptoms are sudden, very hot and dry, aches all over the body, Painful coughs which cause headaches, thirsty for large quantities of cold drinks but infrequent, worse movement, better pressure

Baptisia: Symptoms are sudden and move fast. Often there are gastric symptoms e.g. vomiting, diarrhea.  Intense thirst, face looks dull and red, pain feels sore and bruised, feeling or all in bits, scattered.  High fever with profuse sweats.

Gelsemium (1 flu remedy – must have in your home pharmacy): Onset of symptoms are slow. Fever and heat but alternating with chills and shivers that run up and down the spine.  Patient is not sweating and feels aches all over muscles.  Feels heavy and weak and is thirstless.  Sneezing, dull headache and eyes are heavy (e.g., want to keep them closed or having a hard time keeping it open). Feels better when urinating (eg headache is better after urination), better with open air, better with sweating.  The person in Gelsemium picture is very apathetic, drowsy, limbs can tremble and there is sensation of stiffness of cervical region.

Mercurius S.  Merc is Restless. Fever is creeping and chilliness, discharges from cough or eyes are thick, acrid, smelly, yellow and green discharges.  Nose is swollen, shiny and sore.  Cold ascends to eyes.  Merc has intense thirst and constant hunger.  Worse heat and worse cold (any extreme temperatures), better moderate temperatures and rest.  Patient has sore throat, salivation, bad taste in mouth and bad breath.

Nux Vomica:  Extremely irritable. Feel chilly with shivering especially after drinking, pain in limbs and back, noise is stopped up at night.  Nux has thirst for hot drinks and worse least movement, worse cold and better warmth.  In Nuv picture there is often gastric symptoms.

Pyrogen:  Intense restless with pains and chills.  Creeping chills and thumping heart, rapid pulse and low temperature,  or slow pulse and high temperature. Chills and severe pain in back and limbs.  Feels beaten and bruised all over.  Bed feels hard.  Patient is thirstless and may have bursting headaches.

Rhus Tox: Restless and confused. Fears of being poisoned. Feels chilly, aches and pains in joints and bone.  Tip of tongue is red (triangle). Rhus Tox is thirsty and feels worse keeping still. Better gentle motion and warmth. 

Once the flu is over:

China: If physical weakness is present after the flu with a lot of sweating and possible dehydration

Kali Phos: feels midly depressed after the flu

Gelsemium: Weakness with the flu, heaviness feeling that does not go away.

Influenzinum: Never been well since the flu

To purchase any of these remedies email Please remember to include your mailing address, telephone number and name of remedies you are interested in.

Please read the disclaimer before taking any remedy.


Homeopathy for Back to School – From Anxieties to Viruses

September 27, 2016

Back to school time, September is an important month for kids and their family as it is a month of transition not only from vacation to work but also from summer to fall weather. Children often become vulnerable during the first few weeks of the new term. So for this month’s newsletter, we will be focusing on using homeopathic medicine to help support your kid(s) and/or teenager(s) to cope with the changes associated with going back to school (or for some, simply starting school).


The whole process may not only affect your child(ren), but also you as parents due to the associated anxiety and stress you may have for them. These psychological factors may be exacerbated by the sudden change of climate going from hot summer to chilly fall, which is also associated with the viruses.

How will your child react to the next writing assignment, mistake, being bullied or disappointment? Between the new teachers, classrooms, classmates, schedule, germs all over the place and leaving the summer behind, the first weeks of school are very stressful for children and parents alike.

Homeopathy provides safe, non-toxic, non-addictive, non-invasive remedies to help support children feel their best through all the mental, emotional and physical challenges of school.

Homeopathy for Anxiety

Please note the advice below is suitable for acute situations and not necessarily for chronic anxiety. Acute is short lived. Chronic conditions however are deeper and last long and need regular ‘constitutional’ homeopathic treatment: from headache, anxiety, skin conditions, to coughs that have been lingering for some time – if it’s long lived it falls under chronic condition not acute. Homeopathic constitutional treatments are deep and change our individual susceptibilities and should be taken seriously with regular follow-ups.

If you or your child has been suffering anxieties for a long time please don’t self prescribe remedies and contact us to discuss.

If your child is normally not anxious but has an acute anxiety or suddenly catches a virus, you can try one of the following remedies based on which one matches best symptoms:

Acute – anxiety remedies:

Calc Phos 6x (Tissue salt):

This homeopathic tissue salt helps the body resolve growing pains, study headaches, acute anemia, and many more symptoms related to growing up.  At any age its support applies to structural stresses: injured bones, slow healing wounds, joint pain, back pain, weak digestion, acute simple anemia and heavy periods. Key indications for this remedy include a desire for change or travel, cravings for fatty, salty foods and intolerance to dairy products or fruit.

Gelsemium 30c:

This remedy is a great general anticipatory anxiety remedy for anxiety before an event such as a first day, exam, or performance, or when a child feels cowardly and weak or if he feels the task ahead of them is too much. If in doubt or if your child’s anticipatory anxiety symptoms are hard to define, try Gelsemium first before other homeopathic medicines.

Argentum Nitricum 30c:

This remedy is better if your child has an anticipatory anxiety and also feels very nervous. He is likely to have diarrhea and flatulence with his anxiety.

Lycopodium 30c:

Give this medicine when your child is fearful that he will fail and look foolish or incompetent in front of others. He is likely to cover this anxiety up with an overly confident manner but underneath, he doesn’t feel confident.

Aconite 30c:

This remedy is more adapted when a child is extremely fearful with marked restlessness: he cannot stand still. He may also have a scared expression. This is also the main acute homeopathic medicine for panic-style attacks with a beating heart and/or a sensation of not being able to get enough air. A 30c potency will more likely not be adequate, and we would recommend you contact us for assessing a better potency.

Arsenicum 30c:

Give this Homeopathic medicine when your child is very restless and feel insecure. He may show a degree of exhaustion but you know this tiredness has an emotional basis and is linked to his anxiety.

Homeopathy for viruses


Aconite may be suitable if symptoms suddenly appear after being exposed to cold, dry and windy weather. Often, sneezing with watery discharge will begin soon after. A high fever may also follow, with a hot, dry flushed face, red eyes, and restlessness with shaking chills. There may be sharp pains in the face, chest and bones. There will be anxiety and intolerable pain. Pains and symptoms are worse at night. If a cough develops, it will be dry, barking and croupy. Everything may taste bitter, except for water. Aconite is most effective when taken at the start of an illness, when the virus is at the inflammation stage (before it hits tissue level).


Arnica is the number one remedy to think of in the case of an injury. However, it can also be used for viruses and flue. Your child will need Arnica if he complains that his body feels bruised or as if it has been beaten. He will feel bruised on the parts he lies on and will consequently constantly move. He may say that the bed feels too hard and feel better on a soft spot. He will feel tired all the time and have a need to lie with the head low. He may have a hot red face and cold extremities. He may want to be left alone and make you think he is fine while he is not.

Arsenicum Album (ARS)

ARS may be a good remedy if your child feels weak and restless and although exhausted when sick, while he will be fussy and anxious. ARS likes to control and he is the one who will tidy up before a visitor comes even though he doesn’t feel good. He does not like to be left alone. ARS feels very chilly and wants the blankets to keep him warm and may have his eyes and nose filled with watery and acrid discharges. He will feel worse after midnight and fever may spike then and be accompanied by extreme chilliness and thirst. Although he is very thirsty, he often takes frequent sips of warm drinks rather than drinking a lot in one go.

Bryonia alba:

Contrary to Aconite, the onset with this remedy is usually slow. Bryonia will often be hot and worse for any movement. He will also be dry and thirsty, and will desire large quantities to drink. He will be very irritable with a desire to lie and stay absolutely still. The slightest movement will hurt his eyes. He will have aches in the joints and muscles and heat, especially around the head. The head may throb and feel full to bursting. If a cough develops, it will be dry, hard and painful. He feels better when he hold their chest during cough. He will be worse from over-heating, or being in a warm, stuffy room.


The remedy picture for Eupatorium is flus/viruses with high fevers, flushing and chills. Your child will complain of tremendous aching as if the bones are broken. His head will be so heavy that he has to lift it from the pillow with his hands. Even though he feels chilly, he will have a great thirst for cold drinks and food like ice cream.


This homeopathic remedy is recommended for the typical flu-like symptoms, aching limbs, weakness, tiredness, drowsiness, soreness and a sense of heaviness. The chills have a gradual onset, especially up and down the spine. Your child can feel so chilly that he shakes and may need to be held while he is trembling. He will want to lie quietly alone, not eating or drinking much. He may feel alternately hot and cold, or have a hot head and cold limbs. If there is a headache, it will feel like a band around the head, or as if the head is dull and heavy. His eyes will be heavy and drooping. He wants to stay in bed, but if he does get up, he might feel so weak that he totters around, perhaps suffering from dizziness or blurred vision and nausea. Symptoms can begin after a short spell of warm weather, and take a few days to develop. Fatigue and severe muscle weakness are the strongest features. This is also a remedy needed for someone who has never been well since the flu.

Mercurius virus:

This remedy may be appropriate in the case of flu with heavy sweating. Sweat and discharges have a strong smell. There may be mouth ulcers and sore throats. He can complain of a strange (often metallic) taste in the mouth. His chills may be worse in the evening and night, and will creep from the sore throat to other parts of the body. The person who needs this remedy will be peevish and dissatisfied. There is great debility and weakness with cravings bread and butter.

Rhus Tox:

This remedy may be recommended if you are very irritable. You will get sick from being chilled after being overheated, or from cold, damp weather. Then the fever and chills begin, muscle and back aches and pains in the joints. Stiffness, in the morning on waking, which becomes better on moving, is a notable symptom. Similar to ARS Album, restlessness, especially at night, is common. You will move constantly in sleep, unable to find a comfortable position and you will crave cold milk.

If you are not familiar with homeopathic remedies, you can find information on how to use them here.



Please read the disclaimer before taking any remedy.

Summer Homeopathic Remedies

August 25, 2016

Summer newsletterThe summer is almost over but the temperatures remain higher than normal. While the sun is a great source of benefits, it can also be dangerous for the health if exposed in excess without proper protection. The consequences of unprotected exposure can be immediate or have a longer term impact. Immediate dangers are sunburn, sunstroke, dehydration, heat headaches, cold sores and also cold (caused by air conditioning for instance). Long term effect can be skin cancer.

As the topic of cancer will be treated in a specific newsletter later this year, we cover the useful homeopathic remedies for the immediate effects.

Cantharis is the primary remedy not only for sunburn but more generally for all sorts of burns. However, if the burn has a stingy or itchy sensation, Urtica urens is more appropriate. For extreme sunburn with throbbing headache and photo-sensitivity, belladonna may be more suitable;

Sunstroke can be extremely dangerous as the body lost at least temporarily its natural capacity to cool off the body and remove excess heat. It is important to call for emergency, and to wait in a cool area to palliate for the body deficiency. If you experience mental confusion, violent bursting headaches, palpitations, nausea and/or vomiting, take the Glonoine homeopathic remedy. If you experience nausea and/or vomiting and are restless take Arsenicum instead;

Dehydration can be extremely dangerous and you should call for emergency if you have severe dehydration. You need to progressively rehydrate your body with electrolytes such as coconut water. In a severe case, you need to be extremely careful not to intake too much fluid too fast without proper medical assistance. The homeopathic remedy China is the primary homeopathic remedy to consider;

Cold sores:
Nat mur is the main homeopathic remedy for cold sores;

Heat headache:
There are several remedies that may be consider for headache the main ones being: Bryona, Belladonna, Pulsatilla, Ferrum phos and Lachesis.

Each individual is unique and it is important to understand that homeopathy treats a specific individual. While some remedies may be in general more appropriate, they may not be suitable for you specifically and you may contact us for specific advice.

In great health,

Homeopathy and Zika Virus

August 25, 2016

Originated from South America, Zika virus has been progressively affecting larger territories across the US and continues spreading rapidly on the east coast. The latest status of confirmed cases can be found here.

Symptoms and diagnosis

The symptoms of Zika are similar to those of dengue and chikungunya, which are diseases caused by other viruses spread by the same type of mosquitoes. About 4 in 5 people infected with Zika virus don’t develop any symptoms. The most common symptoms of Zika are similar to flue symptoms: fever, joint pain, muscle pain and headaches. Other symptoms are or conjunctivitis, red eyes and rash. The Zika Virus illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week. If you experience or develop any of these symptoms, you may want to consult with your doctor to run some blood tests to look for Zika or other similar viruses like dengue or chikungunya.


There are no conventional medications available to prevent or treat Zika infections.

Aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like should be avoided until dengue can be ruled out to as if you take those medications you may increase your risk of hemorrhage. If you are taking medicine for another medical condition, talk to your healthcare provider before taking additional medication.

Homeopathic medicines however are safe to take as they do not interfere with any other medications and can be a great support if develop symptoms with Zika virus.

Because homeopathic treatments are unique to individual symptoms, the remedy you would take would be unique to your symptoms. Some top homeopathic remedies for Zika virus are Aconite (at the first sign of fever), Ledum, Rhus Tox and Eupatorium. The likelihood of getting Zika virus is low but if you are worried and would like to use homeopathy as a way to prevent, contact us to discuss your concerns.

In great health,

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