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 Flu Viruses:

Do you normally fall this time of year with the flu virus? If so, you are not alone. The best time to treat a cold or flu is before you get it. Or in other words ‘prevention is better than cure’. If you are avoiding the conventional flu jab then at least give yourself and your family some better protection. we have had numerous requests again this year for the ‘polyinfluenzium flu prophalaxis capsules’. This pack is made up of all the ‘flu’ viruses for the last 33 years. It contains potential homeopathic granules. There are 10 caps which are spread throughout this coming year that offers protection from many of the flu viruses that have been around. The pack costs 30 dollars plus S&H available for clients only.



For health and environmental reasons I (where possible) refuse to continue to buy and drink out of plastic bottles.The bottles end up on landfill sites and break down leaching the BPA chemical which is a foreign estrogen into the ground and back into the water.

This chemical is dangerous at low levels (which is the exposure we receive) It interferes with our delicate hormonal balance (men, women and children) and is linked to the rise in infertility. There is also a growing concern in pregnancy as tests have found this chemical in newborn babies which is arriving via the placenta!! We can all reduce our exposure to this by avoiding plastics as much as possible.


Studies are confirming that when we continuously have less than 7 hours sleep we may find that not only are we sleep deprived we may also notice a bit of a spare tyre appearing around the belly. Worse still as we age we become more hormonally challenged i.e men have less free testosterone, and women have less than optimal levels of oestrogen and progesterone all of which contribute to added weight.

When we do not get the 8-9 hours or we cannot get to sleep or wake frequently during the night we switch on our ‘stress’ hormone called cortisol. This in turn reduces our metabolic rate, affects our blood sugar levels, increases inflammation leading to possible binges and cravings (not to mention fatigue) and of course weight gain. You may also find you reach out for more nicotine, caffeine and/or alcohol.

Do not be fooled by staying up late and then catching up by sleeping in bed until noon the next day, the body detoxifies, repairs and reguvinates during the dark hours. We also find our immune system gets weaker with lack of sleep. The odd late night is ok for most but if you have struggled with sleep or been the party animal then you need time not only to reset your body clock but also your hormones.

Vitamin D:

As we are now entering autumn, followed close by winter you need to consider your vitamin D levels to support and improve immunity. Vitamin D is the No.1 vitamin deficiency worldwide which may help with – Cancer prevention, M.S, Diabetes,Chronic fatigue as well as bone health, immunity, skin health and much more. Testing your levels is the only way to know what dose to use but what is regarded as safe are the doses below – Adults should be taking 4,000iu per day Pregnant and lactating women – 6,000 iu per day Children – 800iu – 2,000 iu per day (it rises with body weight) If you are low in vitamin D these doses will need to be highly increased but you are free to call me to discuss this (free of charge) If you have been taking a high dose for a while you may need to use a balanced form of Vitamin D which includes the other fat soluble vitamins such as A and E.

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