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Tribeca Homeopathy - Appointment existing clients

Follow-up appointment

Once you have had your initial consultation, you become a member of Tribeca Homeopathy practice.  The follow-up appointments take between 30 to 45  minutes, during which the patients progress is assessed. The timing of these follow-up appointments will vary depending on the case and the patient’s condition(s), but usually take place at 4-5 week intervals.  These follow-up appointments are important as the homeopathy needs to check the progress of the therapeutic and assess the health of the patient.

If you are an existing client but have had your last appointment more than 1 year ago, you will need to call for setting up an initial consultation again.

Special appointment (only for existing clients)

Acute cases are usually short visits or can be done via phone appointments or distant meetings. Consultations for acute condition are only available for existing clients as it is important for a homeopath to know a person constitutionally in order to treat appropriately  the person experiencing an acute phase.



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