Homeopathy to Support Patients with Cancer

December 3, 2016


This newsletter discusses homeopathy for cancer patients and how homeopathy supports cancer patients alongside conventional treatment. Important: Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor.    None of this information is meant to diagnose.  Please read disclaimer.

Homeopathy can help patients before and after cancer is diagnosed; more specifically causes of cancer are multiple and far from being completely known.  However, various causes can lead and trigger the expression of cancer. It can be a sudden shock (physical, mental or emotional) or a longer causal process (which for instance reduces natural balance and immunity of the body) or even a combination of both.

Homeopathy can help you cope with various building block that you are facing in your life (for instance, becoming sick that will lead to a chronic state which can then reduce immunity).


Once you are diagnosed with cancer homeopathy can help support with:

  • Conventional Treatment – homeopathy does not interfere with conventional treatment
    • Surgery (see previous newsletter) – pre and post recovery.
    • Chemo and Radio therapy: Homeopathy can help reduce and minimize side effects of these treatments. As an example, during chemo therapy our blood’s counts drop, with correct homeopathic remedies, it is possible to increase blood cell counts during chemo therapy.
    • Removes Pain. In cases when cancer is advancing, for example, a breast cancer patient that presents with epilepsy often indicates cancer is now gone to the brain, commonly and unfortunately this is a hard one to treat as I’ll be doing more palliative care and it occurs during last few months before they die. Usually those last months are absolute hell, the patient is in a lot of pain, has no appetite, loses a lot of weight and there a few wonderful homeopathic remedies that work like miracles removing the pain (like no other medication), making the last few months nicer.
  • The mental and emotional aspect for you and your family of going through cancer: Fears, fear of death, fear of leaving loved ones behind, etc. Homeopathy reduces these fears, helping you feel calmer and grounded
  • When cancer is in not in its advanced phase, homeopathy may help (depending on the background of the case and type of cancer) either arrest cancer, prevent it from progressing, slow it down, prevent it to move to another place and in some cases reverse cancer
  • Homeopathy reduces our individual susceptibilities towards cancer

Signs to pay attention to (please note these are my own views):

  • Any abnormal bleeding should alert you: bleeding on intercourse, in urine, stools. Excessive bleeding in gums or mouth
  • Mercury
  • lymph gland swollen and it has been there for a long time persistently please have it checked
  • Shortness of breath
  • Bones breaking
  • Another warning of cancer is night sweats. Sometimes when I treat my cancer patients while they go through conventional treatment (e.g. chemo) and I’m trying to get cancer under control with homeopathic medicine, if they report they are having night sweats I know cancer is getting a hold and I have to adjust my potencies and remedies
  • Change in bowel habit
  • Fatigue and confusion
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Problems swallowing
  • Change in skin and moles (check with your dermatologist).
  • Persistent cough and hoarseness
  • Loss of weight and loss of appetite (massive indicator): With my cancer patients, as long as they have appetite I know they are doing ok but when their appetite starts to go away I know I am losing my patient.
  • Pyrexia (fever) in children for too long
  • Children: Please don’t ignore them. Because we don’t expect children to get cancer, childhood cancers are often the most advanced cancer, it has gone to its most advanced phase before it has been recognized and by the time parents bring them to me and their oncologist, there is no time.
  • As a side note: One of the most common places for cancer to go to is secondary burns, especially into the back and neck. For instance, if someone has had a history of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer or bowel cancer and suddenly they start getting backache, then that is a sign that cancer has gone to the bone.
  • Regular bouts of pneumonia, 2 – 3 pneumonia is a precursor of warning that your body and immune system is in depleted state
  • History of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s both commonly lead to cancer
  • Hard core hormonal drugs: Birth control Pill, HRT, IVF – although this has not been proven, many female cancer patients I have seen have had some form of artificial estrogen in their medical history. This also includes strong estrogen creams prescribed for vaginal dryness
  • Exposure to lots of chemical paint
  • Smoking and cigarettes
  • Radiations
  • Genes and heredity disposition plays an important role: If someone in your family from either side has had cancer you may be more susceptible to having cancer.
  • Understanding trauma and grief is a huge part of my practice as cancer is induced by trauma and grief of any form: loss of loved one, traumatic events (abuse, injuries, witnessing trauma), grief of loss of status (e.g. becoming menopausal, losing job, change of country,  etc).

Cancer can be a result of compromised immunity (due to genetic disposition) or the result of suppressed emotions (grief, trauma and/or shock).  I am going to focus on the mental/emotional aspects of cancer in next month’s newsletter.  My role in supporting my cancer patients is to understand everything about the person and the factors that may contribute to his/her cancer.  It might be a whole host of things, like building blocks. A common pattern I see in my practice with female breast cancer: 1) Patient did not feel loved by mother 2) lives on sugar and processed food 3) hates her husband 4) history of too many IVF or years of Pill 5) radiations 6) genes and hereditary factor (history of cancer in family).  Each is important for me to understand so I can help my patient: Get off sugar and start having a healthy diet, treat the emotions using homeopathic medicine, help change life style, and reduce individual susceptibilities using homeopathic medicine (genetic disposition) – these are beneficial remedies.  This does not mean someone who has IVF or has been on the pill will necessary have cancer but if the person is feeling not happy in a marriage and has grief /trauma (e.g., grief of being menopausal or loss of a loved one), is living on sugar, not exercising, has cancer genes (from either side of the family), then the likely hood of developing cancer is high.

Some general life style changes recommended for cancer prevention:

  • Limit coffee. Too much coffee is linked to stomach cancer
  • Eat alkaline food (lots of green, veggies & green juices).  Acidic diet, too much sugar, processed food and meat on daily basis will help cancer grow.
  • Manage stress by exercising, mediation or yoga.
  • Stop smoking
  • Manage gut flora by taking probiotics, eating fermented vegetables and drinking kefir.

Stay tuned, in next month’s newsletter, I’ll explore in more details psychology of cancer and the cancer personality (which is different from cancer that is compromised due to low immune system).


Important: Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor.  

Please read disclaimer.

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